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Napoleonic Era

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Name:Napoleonic Era
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This community is for posting anything factual relating to the Napoleonic Era, for example articles, excerpts from books, letters, diaries and memoirs of the time, as well as links to internet resources, non-fiction book reviews, paintings, caricatures, etc.

Posts on any subject are welcome: military (inc. weapons, uniforms, equipment), scientific, biographical, cultural, linguistic... Post anything you find amusing, interesting or simply want to share with others. Questions are also welcome. Hopefully, one of the members will be able to answer you.

Please tag your entry appropriately when posting. If you do not find a tag suitable for your post in the list of existing tags, please tag it yourself using an appropriate tag (e.g. a full name of the person mentioned in the post, name of the book's author you are reviewing; country and year). This may seem like a lot but it is only to make searching this community easier. Thank you.

Useful Links:

Napoleon Series Numerous articles on armies, biographies and some general history of napoleonic era.

Napoleon's Army, Pictures, Maps, Battles, Commanders, Uniforms, Organization. Also includes information on the armies of the Duchy of Warsaw, Prussia, Russia, Austria and Britain.

Literature on the Age of Napoleon

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